Liste des projets réalisés

Competitive products Access database

Client: E3M (France)
Date: January-April 2016
Technlogy: Access, VBA, Excel, Word

Developed for the Bio-Rad company, this database allows to track competing products. You can find the list of Bio-Rad products and a list of competing products. Each competitor product is linked to one or more Bio-Rad products with comments for each.
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LibreOffice Calc Macros

Client: John Christensen (United States)
Date: April 2016
Technology: LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Basic, CSV

This project was to develop macros for reading CSV files in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. Then, the macros retained only the desired columns and adjust their size, change the order and finally format the page in landscape mode with headers settings.
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CAD Time Tracking

CAD Time Tracking
Client: BSB Design (United States)
Date: December 2015
Technlogie: AutoCAD, VB .Net, SQLite, Excel
This application can calculate the actual time that users spend on achieving their drawing. The data is stored in a local database SQLite and the results of all users can be combined in a network database of the same type .
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